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Hi there, my name is Deborah, but all my friends call me Debbie. Nice to meet you!
I work with motivated, like-hearted people just like you. People who realise that we have historically believed the wrong things about work, we have tolerated the wrong things and we have rewarded the wrong things. People who understand that we are busy creating the new world of work, right now and the new world of work is all about putting people, first. Leaders at all levels who realize we simply have to do better and be better.

Are you a business or HR leader who wants to help create the new world of work and lead with authenticity and empathy? Are you ready to change beliefs, habits and behaviors and unleash human potential? Do you realize that traditional performance management is broken and are you ready to use a different methodology that can help you drive high performance, innovation and growth and also create an amazing workplace culture? Do you want to empower and inspire yourself or your team? Then it is no accident that you are here!

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What People Say About Me

  • I love Debbie! Her realness How aware and encouraging and empowering she is and she does it all by being vulnerable and genuinely funny and making you laugh at the things you have allowed to hold you back.

    Felicity Rains HR Manager
  • What can I say about this amazing talk I just attended with Debbie? She is a genius! Her message spoke volumes to my soul and she is just so good at being empowering and showing you that you have to be YOUnique and step into your power!

    Jen Armstrong Team Leader, attended Unapologetically YOUnique workshop

From My Personal Blog

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    Vulnerability requires that we are open and honest about our experiences and feelings and that we are able to trust others with this information. It’s not something we have been programmed to do. Vulnerability has the power to change the world and create a kinder, more peaceful existence, as we realize that everyone has a story and everyone is hurting in some way.

  • The Power of “I Am”

    “I am” is the most powerful phrase you can use because you’re defining your present and creating your future. Make sure you use these powerful words to be kind to yourself and to help you grow into the best version of ‘you’

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