And so it begins….

Are there ever really words to sufficiently express the whirlwind of human emotions we go through when we finally take that leap of faith and start working towards realising a dream?

It’s a mixture of elation and trepidation and outright fear. Part of me wants to sit me down and have a very grown up discussion about how this is a crazy idea and how ‘we’ are a nice People & Culture Consultant and suburban mother of two and ‘we’ only sometimes write. But that’s not entirely true though and that bitch had better shut up with her self-doubt and her limiting beliefs and she had better make way for the much more positive (delusional?) woman who knows that this is her calling and who is willing to put in the crazy amounts of work that it is going to take to turn the ‘odd bit of writing’ and the coaching and consulting and training, into an actual, real life book.

I spoke with my publisher and new favourite person, today. His name is Dave. He sounds awesome and I am excited to be working with him. I have given him permission to hold me accountable and to kick my ass whenever it’s necessary. Books don’t write themselves…

So, if you are reading this, you are about to embark on some wild, crazy-ass journey with me. I have no option but to continue with my day job – which is HR consulting, training and coaching – and work tirelessly the rest of the time to write this book and continue with the speaking engagements that started it all.

If I fail, I do so in public and my loss is also yours. But oh, darling, if I triumph, perhaps I give us all a little hope that no matter how old we are, it’s never too late to work towards achieving that which we believe to be our purpose in this life.

I’m not sure whether this beautiful pic is of a sunrise or a sunset or whether it is about beginnings or endings. It doesn’t really matter, because it’s beautiful (and it contains all my favourite colours) and it reminds me there is beauty both in starting something new and in saying goodbye to things which perhaps no longer serve us.



  1. Craig

    May this journey bring you joy and happiness. The World is ready for you, go and allow them to see you shine.

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