Endless Possibilities

I was feeling a little down this morning. You know the feeling – out of sorts, ‘less than’, a little blue. I did that thing that we all do… well, it was more than one thing, really.

Firstly, I spoke really harshly to myself. If you know me at all or you follow me on social media or receive my Sunday inspirational messages, you will know how passionate I am about “no negative self- talk”.

I am always telling others to speak to themselves as they would speak to someone they love. Speak with love and compassion, kindness and support, instead of the harsh words we reserve for our internal dialogue. But hey, I’m only human and I too, fall victim to the harsh, hateful, negative self-talk.

So the first really bad thing that I did, was to start doubting the choices that I have made. I questioned whether this book is the right thing to do. I wondered whether there’s an audience who even wants to read my story. I questioned the wisdom of my choice to be an entrepreneur and work as an independent consultant. I wondered if my family wouldn’t be better off if I just got a J-O-B.

All of this doubt and uncertainty led to the second bad thing – the negative self talk.

I know exactly how dangerous this little spiral of doubt and negativity can be. I recognized it. I sat with it. I took a breath to clear my head and set the intention to gain clarity.

The thought that popped into my mind, was this:

You are a magnificent human being, powerful beyond measure and your life holds endless possibilities.

Boom! Just like that.

I was taken aback for all of a second, but the thought kept replaying like the refrain of a catchy song you just can’t get out of your mind.

So I decided to share this thought. Some may say it’s my higher self speaking to me. Others will say it’s my angels or my spirit guides. Others will say it’s God or the Universe. Hey, some medical professionals may say there’s an ICD-10 code to describe the experience!

Whatever any of us want to call it, it is still on repeat in my head as I write this.

It has helped me feel calmer. It has stopped the downward spiral of doubt and negative self-talk. It has reminded me of the things I truly believe and the things I try to share and teach others.

Perhaps it helps you too… don’t let the self doubt and the harsh, hateful voice convince you that you are anything less than truly magnificent, just as you are, right now. You – above all others – deserve the love and support you freely give to others.

You are a magnificent human being, powerful beyond measure and your life holds endless possibilities.

Believe it!


  1. Surika

    Debbie,i really find what you say really truely motivating and gives me great pleasure reading your words and thoughts!!!! Thank you for being brave enough too open up your inner thoughts and world to better others lifes!!!

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