Just Walk Away & Let It Go

We all need to do a regular ‘spring clean’ of our lives and rid ourselves of that which no longer serves us – be it a pair of socks with holes or an old mix tape from our high school crush in the ’90’s, or something a little more serious like a soul-destroying relationship or a self-limiting belief system.

Have you noticed how we know that we should throw these things away, but somehow it’s really hard to say goodbye, even to the things that are broken or completely surplus to requirements?

For me, the realization came today once again when I was involved in negotiating a settlement in an employee relations matter. I have almost 20 years’ work experience in employee relations and an impressive track record at litigation and negotiation. But just because I’m good at it, doesn’t mean that I enjoy it or that it’s aligned with my purpose and the person I’m becoming.

Sitting there today, doing that work, felt totally empty and pointless to me and I had to remind myself that I have evolved and I don’t want to do this specific aspect of my consulting work anymore. There’s a little voice that asks me whether I’m insane and whether I realize how many people would love to have this level of skill and experience in such a competitive market.

But my soul speaks louder! My soul tells me that it’s time to move on and move away from this aspect of my work. It has served me exceptionally well this past 15 years and I release this chapter with love. I feel no attachment whatsoever.

Our challenge lies in the tendency we have as humans, to create attachments to things, people, places, experiences and beliefs. These attachments convince us that we cannot or should not walk away. But the attachments are liars!

True freedom comes from living a life free from attachment to people, things, places and beliefs.

I have learned that we need to constantly be evaluating our lives. Look at our personal space and our circle of friends and all the things we are holding onto, which perhaps, we should just let go. Consider who we are becoming and how those needs are different from what they were 2 years or even 10 years ago.

Clearing out the old, the clutter – no matter what it is – makes space for new things and experiences and people in our lives.

The whole idea to ‘spring clean your life’ should excite you! All those new experiences and new people just waiting to join you on your journey towards becoming the best version of ‘you’.

So, I hope you will join me over the next few weeks and start clearing out some clutter. It’s ok if you have to start small – perhaps with a chipped coffee mug or an old bottle of nail polish. Maybe it’s the old mascara you can no longer use and maybe it’s something much bigger, like finding the courage to walk away from a relationship that makes you feel small.

Whatever it is that you want to start clearing out, just start doing it! The more you clear out, the more energy you will find yourself having. You will become stronger and braver and feel more and more like you are becoming a more authentic version of ‘you’.

Let’s make 2018 the year that we did ourselves of the things, people and beliefs that are holding us back.

Onwards and upwards!

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