The colour of YOU

We’re under so much pressure all the time to ‘fit in’ and not ruffle any feathers, that we often forget to show our true colours – even to ourselves…

Today was an exceptionally challenging day for me, emotionally. Nothing serious or major happened. Perhaps we could say I’ve been super-stressed lately or maybe it’s just the moon, messing with me (hey, I’m Cancerian and the moon stuff is real for us especially, ok? Don’t be a hater!)

For a brief moment, I lost it a little and burst into tears, inexplicably and honestly, only out of pure frustration and feeling helpless. It was so silly, it’s embarrassing to even say it out loud, but in that moment of feeling powerless and frustrated and wanting to give up, I suddenly remembered who I am.

I am NOT the girl who gives up because of challenges or setbacks. I am NOT the girl who plays small with her talents and shrinks away into a corner.

For a brief moment, little miss “Don’t be Decaf” over here, almost allowed herself to become exactly that – an ‘imitation’ of the real thing, with all the ‘kick’ removed.

So I guess the lesson here for all of us, is that we need to always remember who we are, our truest and most authentic selves, in full HD colour.

Remember your true colours. Then go show them to the world!

One bad day or a bad week where we are sad or depressed or feeling anxiety or defeat or helplessness is just that – a moment. And moments pass. They do not define who we are and we should not allow such moments to detract from our true, colourful, iridescent beauty.

What is that saying? Straighten your crown? Something like that…

Have the moment, just don’t let the moment have you!

Don’t let the bad moments and experiences detract from who you truly are. Don’t dull your shine, don’t forget your true colours!

Coincidence that the word ‘hue’ is synonymous with ‘colour’ and it sounds a helluva lot like ‘you’? I think not…

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