Only Kindness Matters

How you make others feel, says a lot about you

That’s one of those quotes that has always stuck with me. I’m pretty certain it’s a derivative of the Maya Angelou quote along the same vein – it always comes down to the fact that we should remember the power we have to make others feel valued as human beings or feel good about themselves or to make them feel like hell.

With out busy lives and distractions and endless tasks and challenges, I think we tend to focus more on just getting the job done and less on how we may be making others feel. We are so caught up in our own to-do lists and our own drama that we barely notice the potentially huge impact we could be having on others, simply just by interacting with them on a personal level.

So, for me, what I have learned, when you strip it all down, is that only kindness matters.

In my line of work, sometimes I have to have some really difficult conversations with people I am meeting for the very first time. Other times, I am the bearer of the bad news that will have a severely negative impact on the person and their entire family. I can’t change the message. I can’t change the potentially devastating impact.

But what I CAN change, is the manner in which the message is delivered. I am in full control of that. I can influence how I make people feel and I need to take responsibility for that. In fact, we all do.

Of course I’m not talking here about people who are projecting their own fears and issues or people who seek to blame others for their misfortune.

What I’m saying though, is that we never realize the impact we may have on someone’s life, simply by being kind and authentic or by listening to their fears or offering emotional support in a difficult time.

We can help people to feel valuable and less like they’re alone and invisible and having to slay dragons all on their own.

My challenge to you – as much as to myself – is to show kindness and humanity whenever possible. Choose to be kind, rather than focusing on being right or on being liked.

Show some empathy and a little humanity. Hell, maybe even show a little of your own vulnerability – you never know whose life you may change in doing so!

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