The Impact we Make

As human beings, we are all constantly caught up in the struggle that is our daily grind and our fight to make ends meet. We work our asses off just to pay the bills and try and give our families the best we can, but we feel empty and like it’s all just an exercise in futility.

We exist. We don’t give ourselves permission to truly ‘live’.

We make all these excuses about needing more money or more time and we grapple with trying to find the answer as to our reason for being. We practice mindfulness and we meditate. We read books and listen to podcasts, all in a desperate attempt to ‘connect with purpose’ and to find our ‘why’.

Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this at all – quite the contrary! I’m a very big proponent of living your truth, being authentic and living your life in full colour – it’s what this project and the “Don’t be Decaf” movement, is all about.

It’s hard work and sure as hell isn’t easy, figuring out exactly who you are and living in integrity with your values. It’s even harder to uncover your purpose or calling in this life and then find a way to get paid for living that purpose – trust me.

For me, the message is always about love. Acting from a place of love and acceptance and empathy and respect, as opposed to promoting fear and negativity and conflict.

If we could all just find a way to love ourselves and fill the world with more love and light, we could work miracles.

No matter where you are in your journey, just don’t be an asshole to others. It’s as simple as that!

I’ve written about how you feel it on a soul level when you’re doing something that is connected with your purpose. I’ve also written about the importance of kindness and empathy in all we do.

In the past few weeks, I’ve once again been reminded of just how important it is for all of us to show kindness and empathy and to spread love and positivity because it truly is how we change the world. By simply showing empathy and humanity, by being kind and not behaving like an asshole, you are already making this world a better place.

I just wrapped up a particularly challenging project where I was exposed to a number of people who really aren’t very nice and don’t treat others with respect, empathy and kindness. It was really hard – on many days – to not get dragged down into their darkness and not let it envelop me or extinguish my light. Some days I questioned whether the money was worth it. Some days I questioned whether I’m on the right path and if it’s even possible to effect positive change when surrounded by so much fear and darkness.

And then I got an email from someone I had never met before, but whom I had (unknowingly) impacted by my mere presence in the environment and by simply being ‘me’ and doing what I do.

She said that she had regretted not telling me sooner, but she just wanted me to know that I had had a positive impact on her life.

Such a powerful message! A simple ‘thank you’ from a stranger absolutely made my day and reminded me why I’m here and why I do what I do.

You may not always get a ‘thank you’ and people may not be brave enough to be that vulnerable and authentic, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be mindful of the impact that you make.

Make someone smile. Give them a compliment. Speak words of encouragement and show appreciation for the efforts of others. It has a bigger impact than you think.

No matter what it is you do for a living or where in this world you find yourself, just be kind. Bring light and hope.

Show empathy and humanity and try to leave people better than you found them – it’s really as simple as that.

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