Tell Them!

When last did you take some time out of your day to tell someone that you think they’re a cool human being or that you dig their vibe or that they should just keep doing ‘them’ because they’re awesome?

In this ridiculously fast-paced world that we live in, we don’t necessarily interact on a personal level as much as older generations would have. Technology has enabled us to stay connected, yet we are probably more lonely and isolated than ever before.

I am a BOSS on text message and any kind of IM platform (yeah, I know some of you prefer calls to WhatsApp messages). I’m not that great at always picking up the phone. In all honesty, it’s never personal. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to ‘people’. I may be in the zone and super busy with work or I may be battling my internal demons, so I choose to hide behind the faux security of my devices and cute emojis.

This past couple of months, the Universe has had other plans for me and hasn’t allowed me to hide behind my trusty iPhone (yes, I AM writing this blog post from my phone right now!).

I’ve been called upon to step up and be brave. I asked for opportunities and they’ve presented themselves. But they’ve all required that I get out there and meet new people. In person. And that I bring my A Game. Now, don’t get me wrong – girl got some charm! I can bring it when I need to, but it’s a little tiring sometimes because – let’s be honest – some people are just card carrying assholes and they drain our energy.

Thankfully, during this past six weeks, I’ve had the honour of meeting and interacting with some truly cool humans. Intelligent and funny and kind, all working in their own corner of the world, to make things better. Genuinely NICE and authentic people who are so much cooler than their social media persona would lead one to believe.

I’ve made a point of it to unequivocally tell each of those people that it was truly a pleasure and honour to spend time with them and that I think they’re an awesome human.

We need to all be kinder to each other and we need to do more of this stuff!

Why don’t we? What is it that we are afraid of? When did the human race stop telling each other these things?

So, I’m starting to consistently tell people I like, that “you’re awesome!”

To the newly single parent who is scared and sad and tired but still doing their best for their child – you’re awesome!

To the woman who has launched a global brand that empowers female business owners – you are my spirit animal!

To the coffee shop owner who is doing good in their community and using coffee to unite and inspire – you’re a superstar!

To the guy who helps entrepreneurs grow and scale and build their brands purely because he wants to see other people succeed – you rock!

To the woman who just got blindsided after giving 5 years of blood, sweat and tears to artists who don’t appreciate her, yet manages to smile and not ruin their reputation – your strength and integrity is the stuff that makes the world better!

To the guy who has built an entire business around showing gratitude and giving recognition – you are a fucking rockstar and I’m in awe of you!

To the writer who has taken a complex topic and made it accessible and simple and helps companies create amazing places to work – I want to be just like you when I grow up!

To the woman who has devoted her life to animal welfare and rescue and wants to give up because it’s harder than any of us could ever imagine – you are a human angel and an inspiration to everyone you meet!

To every single person who is out there, doing what they do, being authentically themselves, hustling and working hard to do better and be better – You. Are. Awesome!

If I tell you that I think you’re a cool human, I don’t have a crush on you, I’m not harboring some deep lustful desire. I don’t have some hidden motive and I sure as hell don’t expect anything whatsoever from you.

I just think you’re awesome and I would like you to know that. And I would really like it if you did the same – for me and for all the other awesome people you meet!


  1. Surika

    You are one of the most awesome people i have ever known!! Keep being you for the world is so much beter place because of you!!!

  2. Deborah, your energy is contagious and I love reading your posts! For me, you’re effortlessly relatable and original at the same time. I am so appreciative of your shares and positive vibes (which are so powerful, I feel them through my smartphone!)
    Thank you for yet another inspirational post 🙂

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