Hi, I’m Deborah

Hi there, my name is Deborah, but all my friends call me Debbie. Nice to meet you!

I work with motivated, like-hearted people just like you.

People who realise that we have historically believed the wrong things about work, we have tolerated the wrong things and we have rewarded the wrong things. People who understand that we are busy creating the new world of work, right now and the new world of work is all about putting people, first. Leaders at all levels who realize we simply have to do better and be better.

Are you a business or HR leader who wants to help create the new world of work and lead with authenticity and empathy? Are you ready to change beliefs, habits and behaviors and unleash human potential? Do you realize that traditional performance management is broken and are you ready to use a different methodology that can help you drive high performance, innovation and growth and also create an amazing workplace culture? Do you want to empower and inspire yourself or your team?

Then it is no accident that you are here!

Looking for real change in your company? Want to lead with authenticity and empathy?
Start your journey now!

Let’s have coffee and talk through some of the things that you would like to work on in your organization or team.

I specialize in delivering powerful human change and organizational transformation through innovative people, culture and tech solutions that help leaders create places where people truly want to work and are encouraged to be the absolute best version of themselves.

This means lower staff turnover. Less absenteeism. Big impact on your bottom line.

Professional Bio

I started my career in 1998, in private higher (tertiary) education and from there, made the move into Employee Relations consulting, eventually being appointed to an HR Manager role in the financial services and insurance sector in 2006. In 2008, I launched Hartung Associates, a full service boutique HR and ER management consultancy. My passion for working with entrepreneurs, startups and young leaders led me to launch Pivot PeopleTech in August of 2017. The purpose of this venture was to provide affordable digital downloads and micro-learning courses on HR and employee relations, for SMEs. But it’s time to bring the brands together and niche down now, so I am slowly but surely wrapping up that venture and migrating the best selling content here to this website.

Apparently, I  am widely considered to be a global HR thought leader and I have become known for my work with both Disrupt HR and Hacking HR – both of which are global organisations focused on the future of HR as a discipline and career in the changing world of work. This includes a comprehensive  understanding of emerging trends in HR as well as the intersection between technology and humanity. I am a major proponent of using technology to make our world smaller, kinder and more ‘human’. I am working on accepting this ‘thought leader’ label and not taking it too seriously.

When I’m not developing leaders, fixing corporate cultures and disrupting HR in general, I am a popular speaker who enjoys engaging with other HR and business leaders to prepare them for the future of talent management in a digital age or to encourage them to align with their purpose and be brave enough to be authentic and empathetic in all their interactions.

I’m the lucky mom to daughter Reagan and son, Owen. Among my friends, I am known as the woman who always needs at least SPF 50 sunscreen and someone who can trip and fall whilst barefoot and stone cold sober.  A big fan of tequila, craft beer and MCC, I love entertaining friends and I’m secretly a rather big fan of baking. When I’m not consulting, coaching, writing or speaking, I am committed to ensuring that my children have as many adventures and experiences as possible and that they are exposed to the comedic (albeit very un-PC) genius of Seinfeld.

Not shy to share insights into my personal life and experiences, I generally uses the ‘Blog’ page here on the site as my personal blog and I also lean on the GirlBoss Guide podcast as places where I record personal thoughts, learnings and experiences.

I’m super passionate about developing more women in leadership and a proud contributor to Thrive Global and writer for Lionesses of Africa, Future Females and Women on Topp. If you aren’t already, you can follow my writing here.