Deborah is an experienced Corporate Trainer and Facilitator and an Inspirational Speaker, known for her warmth, authentic vulnerability, humour and energy.


Don’t Be Decaf !

A keynote about the power of connecting with purpose and living authentically and in integrity with who you truly are, instead of being a grey cardboard cut-out drone, merely existing in a world where ‘different’ is discouraged. Learn how to uncover who you truly are, step into your power and stop ‘watering yourself down’ in order to ‘fit in’. Find your tribe, live your truth and shine your light!

This keynote is especially popular with women of all walks of life and is available as either a 15 minute or 30 minute talk, (excluding Q&A).

Lead with your Head AND your Heart


A powerful keynote about Servant Leadership in a digital age where technology leads us to be disconnected from our humanity, whilst overly connected to social media. In a world of ‘always on’ and a focus on profits and survival, leaders are encouraged to apply logic and use data to make decisions. Learn how to put the ‘you’ back in ‘human’ and lead with empathy, kindness and authentic vulnerability, aligned with your core values. Improve relationships in your team and organisation, reduce absenteeism and staff turnover by bringing ‘heart’ back to the boardroom.

30 minute keynote or full day leadership development workshop.

Kick-Ass Culture

It’s possible to have an amazing workplace culture AND a high performing organisation, simply by making a few changes to some traditional hiring and HR practices that have been holding us back.  By incorporating values-


based leadership and progressive people management in the performance management process, it is possible to create an amazing place to work without negatively impacting organisational performance.

30 minute keynote for HR Conferences or full day facilitated training workshop for HR and Leadership teams.

Corporate Training, Facilitation, Panel Discussion Participation and Workshops

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Deborah is a highly experienced corporate trainer and facilitator and often runs training workshops for clients. She is a firm believer in the power of exchanging stories and experiences and gives everyone a voice and a safe place within which to learn and ask questions. Deborah is available for a wide range of corporate training programmes, workshop facilitation or panel discussions. Please contact us with your requirements or schedule a call in Deborah’s Calendar